Customize cellPack Models

These casual screen-grabs how a user can easily customize every component of the HIV model generated by cellPack by using autoPack's efficient instanced scene construction.

    • In the first video I'll ask you try to replicate a method I use in C4D to replace a portion of the HIV spike protein (gp120) with a simple primitive, and then to replace the stalk of the spike (gp41) with a new molecular surface created in a live ePMV session (or you are welcome to use mMaya).

    • In the second video, I'll replace the gp41 again for review and then replace the gp120 with a glowing light and then with a little walking robot to show how even complex instances can be easily swapped into the model to customize it for specific audiences or even editorial purposes.

    1. Please try to duplicate this task of replacing a part of the spike protein with a primitive or simple geometry that you make in the host (Maya or 3d Studio Max) the way I do in Cinema 4D as in this video. Use any technique at your disposal.

    2. If that works, please try the more complicated task of replacing a part of the molecule with a custom build molecular representation (from the same data (2x7r.pdb in this case)) using either ePMV (installed with autoPack), or mMaya if you prefer (and are using only Maya).

    3. Please send me a screencapture or written instructions of the process if you get it to work- no matter how convoluted!

    1. This second screencapture is a little more fun. In it, I replace a part of the spike protein with a default c4d robot that has an animated walk cycle and another part with a glowing light. You can put anything into the instances, such as particle effects, text, whatever it takes to make an editorial comment.

    2. Again, if you can reproduce this result as efficiently as possible in Maya or 3ds Max, please send me a screen-capture or written instructions- I will ensure that you receive credit for your contribution.

    1. Here is a rendered version of the quick HIV with "robotic spike proteins" tutorial with a couple lights and ambient occlusion added to the scene

Customization of ingredients in Blender using both the autoPACK GUI and the blender hierarchy options: