autoPACK First Steps

First Step

Launch autoPack, you will see three different tab : Viewer, Filler and Builder. In order to test if autoPack is correctly installed, go to the "Filler" and select in the pull down menu "2DSpheres" then click "Start".

This will open a second window that will let you do your first filling. For now just click [PACK] at the bottom.

You should see the Jitter-based filling method in action. After a few seconds the fill in your viewport should look like this image (sphere placement may be different depending on the random seed and independent density values).

To speed up the fill dramatically, uncheck [ ]runtimeDisplay. Click [Clear Packing] which should delete all of the spheres you see. Click [Pack]. This time you should get the same result but in less than 1 second.

Click the "Recipe Options" tab to the right of the "Packing Options" tab (currently not labeled in Cinema 4D). Clear the Packing, then change some of the parameters available in the ingredients list, for example Turn off the larg white sphere labeled "i5_n200" and increase the number of red spheres by changing 32 to 132 for ix400_n25 or by increasing the density from 0.0001 to 0.0004.

Repeat experiments by repeatedly Pakcing, clearing Packing, changing parameters, and Packing again.

When you're done, click [Clear Recipe] and select a different recipe, like Test_CylindersSpheres2D. Repeat the steps above.

Try all of the Test_XYZ files, then move on to Blood Serum and Synaptic Vesicle files for example... and of course, HIV and HIVBloodSerum.