Lectures on PACKing

Graham Johnson speaks on crowdsourcing with cellPACK at the 3D Virtual Cell conference at the University of California (UCSD), San Diego, calIT2

cellPACK: A Virtual Mesoscope to Model and Visualize Structural Systems Biology

The cellPack framework contains software to model, analyze, visualize, database and collect feedback for iterative community improvement of mesoscale cellular volumes modeled with molecular detail.

From http://www.3dvcell.org/conference-toward-3d-virtual-cell-videos

"Project organizers plan to use the workshops as a springboard for determining how the 3D Virtual Cell could become part of the NSF's Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation (S2I2) program, which focuses on the establishment of long-term hubs of excellence in software infrastructure and technologies that will serve a research community of substantial size and disciplinary breadth."

Q&A Panel on Whole Cell Modeling that followed the presentations of Peter Hunter, Terry Sejnowski, Markus Covert, Graham Johnson, and Natarajan Kannan.

Modeling and Visualizing the Cellular Mesoscale


From vizbi.org:

"Graham Johnson (grahamj.com) discusses challenges in visualizing 'mesoscale' data, i.e. the arrangement of macromolecules within cells - a scale where our knowledge is currently very sparse compared with larger and smaller scales. He presented the uPy and autoFill frameworks he co-developed that can automatically build models on this scale that are consistent with current knowledge, highly informative, and also aesthetically appealing. This talk was presented at VIZBI 2012, an international conference series on visualizing biological data (vizbi.org) funded by EMBO & NIH. This video was filmed and distributed with permission under a creative common license."