To update autoPack from within your host to the current version 0.5.x:

    1. Open the autoPack plugin

    2. Click Help–>Check for update

    • This will look at our server to check if the version you are running corresponds to latest stable version available on our server

    1. The update window gives you the option to make a backup copy of your current version.

      • We recommend backing up, so say [ Yes ]

      • The backup may take several minutes depending on your internet connection speed. The host will appear to be frozen, but don't force quit, just wait it out. You can check the console to confirm the update or look for the new version in your preferences folder.

      • You can revert to any older backup version in your preferences folder by following revert instructions posted below

If the update returned an error or if you prefer you can do it manually:

    1. Remove the folders for the module you want to update (e.g. ePMV, upy or AutoFill/autoPACK ) from the MGLToolsPckgs folder in your existing plugin folder.

    2. Download the modules here :

      1. autoPACK

    3. uPy

    4. ePMV

    5. Extract the folder to the MGLToolsPckgs folder of your existing plugin folder.

For advance users and developer, you can access the latest version from our github repository :

autoPack repo

ePMV repo

upy repo

If you recently updated and wish to revert to a previous version, follow these steps

    1. remove or rename the new ePMV and uPy folders made during the update session, e.g., to ePMVunwantedUpdate

    2. replace the removed folders with the most recent backup versions simply by removing any numbers from the end of the ePMV and uPy backup folders

    3. make sure you revert to ePMV and uPy backup folders that correspond to each other (check the modification dates to get the matching versions)

    4. e.g. for the host Cinema 4D on a Mac, use this image of the preference folder as a guide (click to zoom):