Installation Videos for 3D Studio Max

If you're installing for the first time, please skip to the next step. Once you install you can update from within ePMV or autoPack and will no longer need to go through this process!

Step 0: Early alpha testers ONLY need to unInstall the previous autoPack and SciViz files by following this video:

If you installed a version of Sci-Viz or autoPack/uPy/ePMV that you downloaded before Nov. 17, 2012, then follow these uninstall instructions to ensure a clean start with the solid new system

Step 1: Fulfill the prerequisites listed on our written installation instructions:

Install Autodesk Sci-Viz plugin which connects uPy to 3D Studio Max 2013-64

Step 2: Install the uPy plugins ePMV and autoPack with a one step installer as described in detail on our written installation instructions:

Just run the .msi and follow the onscreen instructions

Step 3: customize 3ds Max to access and test the uPy plugins ePMV & autoPack as described in detail on our written installation instructions:

Step 4: Follow the basic use tutorials and look for new tutorials every week.

Step 5: Please help us improve the software by filling out volunteer surveys as often as possible.

Complete basic tutorials for ePMV and autoPack

    1. This alpha version of autoPack will improve several times each week and the tutorials will expand

      1. For now, follow the basic tutorials then experiment on your own. If you find a bug, check the forum to see if its already been fixed, and if not, let us know.

      2. WARNING: With the current Alpha release version installer 1.0.3, there are some performance lags for atom and stick models. We recommend only checking [√]Atoms or [√]Sticks for small molecules or small selections, and using the other representations for larger molecules.

    2. Update your ePMV and autoPack software frequently to get the latest performance, stability and functionality enhancements with just a couple clicks directly from within the GUIs under the help menu!

Improve your software by volunteering to complete the surveys regularly

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