Cinema 4D Mac Installation

autoPACK: INSTALLATION for Cinema 4D (includes autoPack & ePMV in one package)


This single installation includes uPy, ePMV, & autoPack

This early installation for autoPack is an alpha version- use at your own risk and save frequently.

uPy (ubiquitous Python API) enables ePMV and autoPack to work in Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, SoftImage, Blender and DejaVu by writing only one plugin instead of >5. 

ePMV (embedded Python Molecular Viewer) provides all of the capabilities of molecular graphics and molecular mechanics software directly in your C4D GUI.

autoPack positions 3D geometries into, onto, and around volumes with minimal to zero overlap. autoPack mixes several packing approaches and procedural growth algorithms. autoPack can thus place objects with forces and constraints to allow a high degree of control ranging from completely random distributions to highly ordered structures.

cellPack is a specialization of autoPack that generates probabilistic 3D models of large sections of cells that can contain dozens to trillions+ of molecules. It can position these molecules to recapitulate observed data where available and can further optimize the molecular interactions on a local level as each molecule is placed into a mesoscale model.

If you have experience with 3D software, especially with C4D, the manual installation should take less than 3 minutes on a Mac and the one-step installer should take less than 6 minutes. 

If you encounter difficulties, please visit the forum to search for answers or ask questions. 


Installation (C4D r13–2024) of the uPy Plugin Package with ePMV & autoPack



Complete basic tutorials for ePMV and autoPack