New uPy (includes ePMV, autoPACK/cellPACK) installers for Cinema 4D r16 and 3D Studio Max 2015

Post date: Mar 18, 2015 7:55:26 PM

Ludovic has released new installers for 3D Studio Max 2015, and updated package for all other hosts. Please visit the install page to reinstall the software if you have updated your host software to one of these versions. Please let us know if you encounter issues so we can debug them ASAP. Good news for Max users, the Extension pack is no longer required because Python is now included in the 2015 edition.

Thank you

3dsMax 2015 64bits support specifics

We have just released an installer and an archive for the manual installation of the uPy Suite for the latest 3dsMax software v2015. This version offers more of the functionality that ePMV and autoPACK offer in the other supported hosts thanks to the PySide integration in 3dsMax (Qt interface from python). There are still some issues that we were not able to solve, and we will provide update whenever this issue will be fixed. Some 3dsMax functionality are difficult or impossible to access such as : object scattering (which will improve loading and display time for atoms, molecules and cellPACK ingredients instances), splines extrusion (worm like representation along a backbone). We hope to work with Autodesk to overcome these issues in the near future. Please provide feedback on the forum so we can debug any issues you encounter.