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Recipe Details

HIV Recipe and Ingredient Parameters and Resources:
 Surface Ingredients          Data sources Category Gene Key Role Reference Notes
 Spike Surface protein gp120 (SU) &
 Transmembrane protein gp41 (TM)
 Custom Structural env gp120
 env gp41
 Membrane binding & penetration  
 MA p17 Matrix protein Custom Structural gag p17 Budding  
 Nef Negative regulatory factor Custom Accessory  Regulation  
 Vpu Viral Protein U 1pi7+1vpu Accessory    
 Matrix Ingredients      
 Vif Viral Infectivity Factor 3dcg bio2 Accessory  Regulation  
 Vpr Viral protein r 1esx Accessory  Transactivation  
 RT Reverse transcriptase 1hys–chainB Viral enzyme pol Uses viralRNA to make hostCell-compatibleDNA  
 IN Integrase 1ex4 Viral enzyme pol Inserts ViralDNA from RT into hostCell genome. Dormancy time-bomb  
 PR HIV protease 1hpv Viral enzyme pol Viral maturation: cuts one long gene product, gag-pol) produced during the HIV-RNA to HostDNA transcription/translation cycle into many small functional proteins. Including dimerization with a neighbor and removal of itself from this long chain.  
 p6     Budding and Vpr recruitment, ¿RNA binding?  
 NucleoCapsid Ingredients       
 CA p24 Capsid protein (same gene/protein, makes a 6mer & 5mer to form the cone)   gag p24 RNA delivery  
    CA6      Capsid protein hexametric 3h47 Structural Protein   Yeager notes 
    CA5      Capsid protein pentameric 3p05 Structural Protein   Yeager notes 
 NC Nucleocapsid protein 1a1t Structural Protein gag p7 RNA protection  
 Tat     Transactivation: upregulates transcription of HIV dsDNA with explosive (+)feedback loop.  
 Rev     Transactivation  
 SP1 Spacer peptide 1   gag p2   
 SP2 Spacer peptide 2   gag p1   
 Tev Similar to Tat, HIV-1 only   tat/env/rev   
 Host Proteins       

Note: Many proteins will be found in both compartments including excess copies of the nuclear Capsid protein as well as RT and IN bound to the RNA.

Information on genes and gene products from

gag– called "assemblin", the gag precursor p55 myristoylated protein is processed into p17 (MAtrix), p7 (NucleoCapsid), and p6 protein by viral protease.
pol– encodes the viral enzymes protease, reverse transcriptase, and integrate produces as a gag-pol precursor polyprotein which is then processed by the viral protease
HIV toolbox for gene product information:

A beautiful and useful visual reference: