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alpha Tester Tasks

  1. Install by following the instructions at the link provided in your email.
    1. Let me know if you get stuck or if you have any suggestions/clarifications for the instructions
  2. Try to run ePMV- only the basics for today (I don't expect this one to work yet):
    1. Click the icon you made to open ePMV
    2. Click the Fetch Button
    3. Check the box that says [√] MSMS towards the bottom
    4. Zoom to fit all to screen
    5. If it worked, turn off MSMS then play with the other buttons
  3. Restart 3Ds
  4. Test a Filling script
    1. Click the icon you made to open autoPack
    2. Switch to the Fill Tab
    3. Click the [start] button
    4. Zoom to fit all
    5. Click the [Fill] button
    6. If it worked, email me a screenshot
  5. Restart 3Ds
  6. HIV model
    1. Click the icon you made to open autoPack
    2. In the default tab (VIEW), click and drag to select HIV_x_x
    3. Click [Construct]
    4. Wait about 20-30 seconds for the scene to build
      1. You should end up with a nice model of HIV (no lipid bilayer, half of the capsid and matrix and no host cytoplasm, but still a fun model)
    5. Zoom to fit all
    6. Clean up the Scene.  In the big dialog box that appears, :
      1. uncheck Bounding Box [  ]  Display HistoVolume Box
      2. uncheck Organelles: Capside [  ] Display Geom
      3. uncheck Organelles: Nucleus [  ] Display Geom
      4. Spend a few short minutes to Light and render the scene and send me a fun screengrab along with a nice little render with your signature on it.
        1. I don't know what I'm doing in Max, but even I was able to make a little render in just 10 minutes, so I'd love to see you Max guys take this a step further.
  7. If you have time and patience, go ahead an explore other buttons and let us know what you find, but quit before you get frustrated because we have a lot of kinks to work out and a lot of links to add to make the other options fully functional for Max.
  8. 3D Studio Max uPy Plugins Pre Alpha Testers Survey 1