4. Lipid Bilayers for HIV

To open the Lipid test strip file, there is one change from the video tutorial (different filename). 
  1. Restart your host software
  2. Start autoPACK 
  3. ViewerTab: 
    1. Load and autoPACK/cellPACK recipe for: Lipids 
    2. Recipe version: 0.0 
  4. Some hosts display the bilayers more efficiently than the others:
    1. The first time you load, it may take a long time to download all the needed files. 
    2. With a fast connection using C4D or Maya:
      1. Lipids should appear in 30-60 seconds. 
      2. The second time you load they should appear within 10 seconds. 
      3. HIV1.3 or 1.4 loads in its normal time on top of Lipids0.0 (into the same scene), about 6 seconds
    3. Using 3D Studio max on the same internet connection, 
      1. It takes considerably longer to build the scene- about 5 minutes on my system the first time. 
      2. The second time you load they should appear within 3 minute in Max.
      3. HIV1.3 or 1.4 takes an additional ~4 minutes to load into the same scene on top of Lipids 0.0 in 3D Studio Max.

As we add additional sections of Bilayer, you may want to load them slowly to test for performance. Start with a small section to see how your viewport handles.  You may find that you'll need to optimize one section at a time or only use small patches selectively for close-ups.  These models will continue to improve in the coming weeks, so please keep updating!
The following video tutorials will help you get started.

Edit March 17 4:00pm PST:
The lipids system is working and tested in C4D, Maya, and 3D Studio Max so far.
We are working to add more versions. 

We are refining the lipid packing algorithm and have some issues with the Bullet collision engine not releasing memory, so I can only provide a few patches at a time for now.  While we continue working on this, I'll try to make some relevant patches that you may want to zoom in on for your story, and perhaps some "low resolution" patches that you can use for more distant views. Soon we will release the updates that will let you pack your own lipids, so keep updating and stay tuned.

Temporary Lipid Hack