1. Construct HIV_BloodSerum 1.x into your 3D software

The goal of this first tutorial is to expose you to the model and the autoPACK GUIs as quickly as possible.
You can complete this tutorial in 2 to 8 minutes.
This will also test your installation to confirm that autoPACK is working correctly so you can properly participate in the CG Challenge.

The most basic way to interface with autoPACK is through the Viewer Tab.  

Here we will learn how to "Construct" a massive, prebuilt model of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) into our viewport. The HIV in this particular model is floating in an environment of human Blood Serum... part of your challenge will be to tame all of this geometry!

You can learn more details about the biology of HIV and of blood serum in the next tutorial. 
We also recommend teaming up with a biologist through this link on the CG Society Forum to help create a compelling story or editorial comment using this model.

  1. Install autoPACK
    1. You should have already done this!
  2. Start autoPACK in your preferred 3D software or molecular viewer
  3. On the Viewer Tab:
    1. Select the correct model for the Challenge:
      1. Set Build an autoPACK/cellPACK recipe for: HIVBloodSerum
    2. Select the most recent version of the model 
      1. Set the Recipe version dropdown to the highest number.
        You are welcome to use older models that are newer than v1.3 (available by January 10, 2013), but you'll learn more if you make a habit of always using the latest model and planning your CGTalk animation to prepare for a flexible model if possible
        When you enter the contest, start with the most recent model- this will likely give you an edge and a much cooler looking model
    3. Click the [Construct] button
      Leave all other settings to defaults
      autoPACK will compare the HIVBloodSerum 1.x folder in your local autoPACK cache to the server and download needed components
      1. Depending on your processor and internet connection speed, the model will take anywhere between 20 seconds and several minutes to load for the first time.
        1. On my 2012 laptop with download speed of 24.51Mbps (www.speedtest.net), the HIVBloodSerum 1.2 model took 31 seconds to display (in C4D) after clicking [Construct]
        2. The same model took only 6 seconds to display the second time around (no geometry needed to be downloaded the second time.)
        3. Blender users NOTE: Blender's autoPACK GUI does not have a progress bar for the downloads, so please be patient as it may seem like the program is crashing
  4. Zoom out to show the full model
  5. You can turn things on and off using the simple GUI
  6. Explore, animate, render etc.
    1. Take some time here to just explore the model- see how your computer behaves, look at the hierarchy manager of your 3D software to study the relationships of the objects and materials, etc, but don't spend too much time as we will review these things in detail in the next tutorials.
Proceed to the next tutorial (HIV in Blood Serum Model: What is it?),
but if you hate tutorials, then you are welcome to simply
  1. Learn more about HIV Biology, Social, Political, and Medical issues to improve your story
  2. View more advanced tutorials to modify or customize your model
  3. Tell you story as a JPG or Short Film
  4. Submit to the CGChallenge page

Here is an outdated movie for the tutorial above (shown in 3D Studio Max running on the Cloud)

I will try to provide new tutorial videos by January 11th, 2013.

YouTube Video