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Blood Plasma

Recipe descriptions and viewers posting late on December 6th 2014

We have just completed HIV-1 version 0.1.6 and are working to publish it laterally versioned as HIV-1 version 1.0.0 for an easy access public release and subsequent community editing.

Using HIV as a template for a research/modeling/analysis/editing protocol, we are in the process of updating the currently available version of Blood Plasma version 0.1.1 to a rigorous initial community model version 1.0.0 and expect to submit this model for publication in May of 2014.  

Please return to this page frequently for updates and visit the gigaPan gallery or install the available version of the autoPACK plugin to visualize and pack new models of Blood Plasma version 0.1.0 and version 0.0.1

Take a guided tour through a square micron of blood plasma version 0.1.0:
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